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Answers To Common Florida Workers’ Compensation Questions

I have helped hundreds of injured Florida workers get the compensation they are due under Florida law. I understand the process is intimidating and that you have questions. Here are some of the questions I get asked most. If the question you have isn’t here, I offer a free consultation so that you can get your most urgent questions answered. Call 772-617-4587 to set up a time to meet or talk.

How Does The Florida Workers’ Compensation System Operate?

Workers’ compensation is a state-governed safety net for injured workers. It is a special insurance that all employers are required to have. This insurance is used to pay an injured or disabled worker’s medical bills and lost wages.

If you are injured on the job – report it immediately! You have 30 days to report your accident. You also need to request medical treatment right away and follow the treatment recommendations of the medical provider the insurance company authorizes. If the medical provider says you can work or you can work with restrictions you must work if you want to get paid. If you have problems with this, call me.

If an employer does not have the workers’ compensation coverage that is required by law, they face civil penalties.

Do I Need An Attorney?

Technically, no. However, I help you get the care and treatment you need and can negotiate a settlement of your claim. Having the help of an attorney who knows what your claim is really worth is critical to attaining the best result.

Can I Keep My Job?

Workers’ compensation doesn’t “save” your job for you to return to. Whether you keep your job depends on your employer. However, it is illegal for your employer to fire you because you filed a workers’ compensation claim. This would be retaliation, which is not legal, and would likely put the employer in a very vulnerable legal position.

Can I Pick My Own Doctor?

Unfortunately not. You must go to the doctor whom the insurance company chooses. You must use the doctor or doctors who are authorized by the insurance company in order to have your treatment paid for and to receive benefits.

Can I Get A Second Opinion?

Unfortunately, no, not unless your authorized treating doctor orders one. However, you are able to change doctors once during the life of your claim. It’s best to only exercise this option if you have tried everything you can and are not making progress. If you want to change to a new doctor, the insurance company adjuster will choose one for you. Once you change doctors, you are stuck with that provider.

Get Answers And Guidance On Filing A Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim

As the founder of the Law Offices of Kelly A. Cambron, I understand how overwhelming this process can be. Remember, the insurance company’s mission is to control its bottom line. I am here to help you and to ensure you get the compensation you deserve under Florida law. Call 772-617-4587 to schedule a free consultation. You can also reach me via website contact email.