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When To Pursue A Workers’ Compensation Claim

As an attorney who has helped hundreds of injured Florida workers, I understand how frustrating and scary it can be to have your compensation claim denied. I would advise you not to give up hope. In many cases there are effective routes and strategies to obtaining benefits that have been wrongfully denied or not authorized. I can help.

If you have urgent questions about filing a claim, I offer a free consultation. Call 772-617-4587 to set up a time to talk, and I can get you the answers you need to move forward.

Why Your Claim Might Be Denied

There are several reasons your Florida Workers’ Compensation claim may have been initially denied. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • You did not report your claim in a timely manner (within 30 days)
  • Your injury did not happen at work, you were off the clock or your injury was a preexisting condition.
  • There were drugs or alcohol involved in the accident.
  • You were not treated by an approved medical provider.
  • You did not go to your medical appointment.
  • The injury resulted from nonwork duties, such as a practical joke, playing around or roughhousing.
  • Your accident is not the major contributing cause of your disability or need for treatment.

Your employer and the insurance company may both attempt to find reasons to deny your claim. If that happens, call me! I can help.

How An Attorney Can Help

It is stressful enough to be injured and out of work. The last thing anyone needs is to also have to navigate the paperwork and deal with an adjuster who is not responding to you. As your attorney, I can help manage your medical care and treatment, make sure you are being paid correctly and on time, and receive all the care that is recommended by the authorized treating physician. I also file Petitions asking for all benefits that I feel that you are entitled to and not receiving, or are not receiving correctly.

Having worked for “the other side,” representing insurance companies for years, I have a very strong understanding of how Workers’ Compensation claims are handled and what needs to be done to get you your much needed benefits.

An Attorney Who Will Pursue The Benefits You Need

I founded my firm, the Law Offices of Kelly A. Cambron, so that I could provide one-on-one guidance and representation to injured workers. I have seen too many hurt people make mistakes that cost them their benefits. Find out how I can help to ensure that no mistakes are made and that your claims are pursued timely and effectively.

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